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The issue of the global supply and demand crisis for international freight.

Qua, 08 de setembro de 2021 às 13:47

In 2020, after the first lockdown measures in several countries, forecasts indicated a strong retraction in global trade, it was thought that the drop would be reversed at the end of the pandemic at the end of 2021.

In the first half of last year, several companies interrupted their activities, which pressured shipping companies to reduce services and cancel scales to try to mitigate losses due to the drop in demand.

However, the abrupt recovery of the economy in several countries led to an increase in orders for inputs and goods in international trade at levels above projections and the capacity of shipowners and port terminals.

Concomitantly, the consumption pattern changed due to the exponential use of online purchases, which consequently shortened delivery times, consuming logistical capacity, resulting in the increase in the cost of transporting containers, lack of equipment, queues of ships and physical limitation of port capacity.

Spot market freight was around US$2,000 per container before the pandemic recently reached US$10,000.00 on some routes

MLC Logística partners with importers and exporters to solve current problems through the services of International Freight, Distribution Logistics, Port Operations operating in the ports of Santa Catarina and with logistics partners in over 30 countries.